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  • Check Unlimited Record Updates
  • Check Unlimited Users
  • Check 1 Salesforce Custom Object
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For larger teams that require enterprise-grade deployment and security

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Number of Users Unlimited Unlimited
Create or Update Salesforce Records Unlimited Unlimited
Salesforce Custom Objects Supported 1 Unlimited
Salesforce Related Objects Supported 1
Notes Check Check
Tasks Check Check
Shareable Views Check Check
In-line Editing Check Check
Bulk Updates Check Check
Global Search Check Check
Keyboard Shortcuts Check Check
Chrome Extension Check Check
Web App Check Check

Customizable Workflows

Customized Sheet Views

Ex: Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts, Leads, Tasks

Check Check
Private Columns

Columns and fields that don’t sync back to Salesforce

Check Check
Custom Forms Check Check
Custom Onboarding Templates

Curate a default set of sheets based on role, segment, geo, or more

Advanced Filters Check Check


Single Sign-On (SSO) Check Check
Admin Controls Check
Private Column Data Retention Check
Audit Logs Check


Knowledge Base Articles Check Check
Live Master Classes

Recurring weekly, open to public

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Live Chat Support Check Check
Email Support Check
Personalized Onboarding

Tailored to your company and team’s needs

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All Your Questions, Answered

What can I build with PeopleGlass?
Short answer? Anything and everything. Here are just a few examples of what customers use PeopleGlass for:
  • View pipeline and updating next steps
  • Create new leads and contacts
  • Track gap logging and feature requests
  • Update renewal and upsell progress.
How secure is my Salesforce data with PeopleGlass?
PeopleGlass does not store any user or CRM data.While we do locally cache field and private column data, all data remains stored within your Salesforce instance and is never stored on our servers. We do currently track user metadata (e.g. field names) for analytics and support-purposes only. Additionally we track user updates but only field-level changes. An example of this: we store each user’s column names for each sheet created (ex: Next Steps) however we do not store the corresponding data within it (ex: “8/25 Call with Annie”).
Does PeopleGlass overwrite permissions I’ve set in Salesforce?
Nope. PeopleGlass acts as an interaction layer that sits on top of Salesforce. Which means that any and all permissions that you’ve set in Salesforce will be represented in PeopleGlass.
How long does it take to set up?
Less time than it’ll take your coffee to cool.
Who is PeopleGlass for?
AEs, BDRs, SDRs, SEs, CSMs, Marketing….you name it. PeopleGlass was built for anyone that wants to avoid the headaches of waiting on, and updating, Salesforce.
What makes PeopleGlass different?
Unlike the other players in the space, PeopleGlass doesn’t limit the number of users you can invite or record updates you can make. PeopleGlass+ also allows organizations to bring in as many custom, standard, or related Salesforce objects to sheets as they need. Lastly, PeopleGlass is the only solution that is owned and operated by an enterprise-grade Revenue Intelligence & Operations platform (, making it dead simple for customers to add-on additional account and opportunity management capabilities as their needs mature without having to manage multiple vendors or tools.

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