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Our Story

At PeopleGlass, we're building a new type of CRM interaction layer that puts the user first. We're taking the best learnings from modern consumer software and applying them to create a versatile and stunning experience on top of Salesforce. With PeopleGlass, Salesforce handles the complex database, and we focus 100% of our efforts on making the user experience delightful.

Our Mandate

If we have access to the data, we'll help you use automation to make updates automatically.

If we don't have the data, we'll enable you to enter it faster than ever before. Collaboration should be easy.

The data you enter should be valuable to you, not just your manager.

Why we started PeopleGlass

We believe that current CRM solutions are inadequate. Modern businesses are complex and full-stack solutions (platforms that offer many services) reflect the complexity of the many use cases that they need to cover as a one-size-fits-all solution.

While in the past, an entire business might cover a narrow use case (e.g. customer support for mid-market enterprises), many CRMs today offer the whole gamut, addressing needs from pre-sales, post-sales, support, marketing, etc. Furthermore, these companies are focused on selling large deals into small groups of decision makers who rarely interact with the products they purchase. It's no wonder why many users feel they've been ignored by the people building the products they spend huge portions of their lives in.

In the meantime, most people have experience with iPhones, Gmail, and other great products. This only increases the frustration with legacy CRM tools.

PeopleGlass aims to solve this problem by focusing solely on the end user and leveraging learnings from the best modern consumer software.

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